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My magazine articles have been translated into eleven different languages in surf, travel, adventure, tourism and newspaper publications all over the globe, including Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Japanese, Bahasa and Russian. I have written for and/or appeared in over 70 publications, currently close to 1,000 networked articles.

These include - 3Sesenta (ESP), Action Asia (PRC), Adrenalin (GBR), Adventure Cornwall (GBR), African Surf Rider (RSA), Australian Longboarding (AUS), Back Wash (IRL),
Beach Brother (FRA), BInspired (BEL), BSpirit (BEL), Carve (GBR), Cooler (GBR), Corduroy Lines (GBR), The Cornish Guardian newspaper (GBR), The Cornishman newspaper (GBR), Cornwall Living (GBR), Cornwall Today (GBR), Curl (NZL), The Falmouth Packet (GBR), The Financial Times newspaper (GBR), Fun Travel (PRC), Gateway (PRC), Glide (JPN), The Guardian newspaper (GBR), Gulf Life (OMA), High Flyer (GBR), Huck (GBR), i-D (GBR), The Independent newspaper (GBR), Kodachrome (USA), Longboard (USA), Longboarding & Freeride (GBR), Lonely Planet, Mabuhay (PHI), Magic Haiti (HTI), The Martlet (GBR), Men's Health (GBR), Men's Fitness (GBR), Morning Calm (KOR), morSURF (USA), NALU (JPN), The Nation newspaper (BAR), National Geographic Adventure (USA), National Geographic Traveller (USA), The Newquay Voice newspaper (GBR), Niugini Blue (PNG), The Observer newspaper (GBR), Outside (USA), Outside China, On Fire (POR), On The Board (JPN), Pacific Longboarder (AUS), Pit Pilot (GBR), La Repubblica (ITA), Renaissance (PRC), Resurgence (GBR), Search (SWE), Slack (GER), Slide (NZL), Stranger (GBR), Surf (GBR), Surfeuses (FRA), Surf Europe (FRA), Surf Girl (GBR), Surf News (ITA), Surf Portugal (POR), Surf Session (FRA), Surf Trip Journal (JPN), Surfer (USA), Surfers (GER), The Surfer's Journal (USA), The Surfer's Path (GBR), Susology (GBR), This is the Order (GBR), Time Out (USA), Time Out Sydney (AUS), Times Higher Education (GBR), Trip Surf (FRA), Underscore (SIN), Wave (RUS), Wavelength (GBR), The West Briton newspaper (GBR), The Western Morning News newspaper (GBR), Wend (USA), Zig Zag (RSA).
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"John Callahan's expeditions are always original, adventurous and professional. As an editor who has been running his features regularly for over ten years, I can say in all honesty that he is our finest contributor. The teams he gathers, the places he goes, the methods he employs to make the journey shine above and beyond the pedestrian, and of course the photographs he returns home with, are quite simply of the highest quality we see."
I have worked extensively with John Callahan, one of the most widely published surf photographers in the world. John is renowned for his vivid images and unique framing. Editor-in-chief of The Surfers Path, Alex Dick-Read, explains:
Sam Bleakley
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