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Surfing, for me, is a way to explore coastlines and cultures and better understand their geography. Publishing travel features has been my primary focus in professional surfing. I am regularly featured in international magazines and newspapers, and frequently contribute to The Surfers Path. I have studied and taught travel writing courses and guest lectured on aspects of surfing, travel, writing and geography in further and higher education. I edited The Surfing Tribe: a history of surfing in Britain, and I have edited Longboarding supplements and special issues in leading UK surf magazines, Carve and Wavelength. I have also been a surf columnist in The Cornishman newspaper and written for the Financial Times.

I have competed extensively both nationally and internationally for over fifteen years, and have been a multiple European and British Longboard surfing Champion, and a regular on the World Longboard Tour. For every sponsored surfer, there are thousands more just surfing for the fun, far removed from the hustle and bustle of contests. Free surfing is true surfing for most. But the ancient Greeks developed competitive sport as a complex cultural and ritual occasion, birthing the Olympic Games. Sport was a way of saying something through the body, a form of persuasion, rhetoric and drama, in front of an audience.
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In developing what the ancient Greeks called arete, 'virtuosity', you engaged in self-forming (rather than self-expression). Sport was an aesthetic activity, an art of character moulding, or identity construction. Competition remains an important element of surf culture.
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