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surfEXPLORE is an international travel collective led by John Callahan, Sam Bleakley, Erwan Simon and Emiliano Cataldi. We specialise in researching, performing and producing groundbreaking exploration projects to cultural tourism frontiers, creating surf travel photography, writing and film. The team speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish, and we maintain contributor relationships with more than fifty surf and travel publications worldwide in English, Español, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Português, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Bahasa Indonesian, ensuring worldwide publication of each surfEXPLORE expedition.

With the enduring appeal of surfing, the number of surfers worldwide has been growing rapidly. surfEXPLORE aims to encourage others to travel to new areas by researching and highlighting cultural tourism frontiers and the wealth of unsurfed waves around the world. We encourage a philosophy of discovery, tolerance and positive change. To ensure ethical and sustainable travel, we work closely with local and international conservation groups such as Adventure Scientists and the Marine Environmental Research Institute. Our most recent projects to West Papua, Madagascar and the Philippines have been in partnership with the French production company Puzzlemedia.
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